The Passionate Middle

I recently started a Facebook group named The Passionate Middle. It’s an exciting new endeavor for me. Check it out and join in if you like! 🙂

The Passionate Middle

A place for meaningful discussion. A place where all political affiliations are welcome, but ranting, attacking, insulting, pedaling conspiracy theories, and siting questionable sources are not welcome.

We recognize that most issues are not black or white, left or right, red or blue. 

The Passionate Middle was founded for those of us who enjoy meaningful discussion about politics and world events, but find ourselves avoiding the people in our lives who will respond with unintelligible talking points or sheep-views. Many of us are no longer close with family members due to political misalignment. Many of us do not wish to share our views on social media, not because we don’t feel passionate about our views, but because these views are often angrily attacked with irrelevant responses and assumptions. We read. We watch. We listen. We are deeply concerned and frustrated. 

We are not extremists. Many of us feel the Republican Party has been warped into something unrecognizable. On the other side of the extreme, we are worried that a far-left agenda will further divide us, and will not offer viable solutions. 

But, we are passionate about our world, and it’s time we begin speaking up.

Welcome to The Passionate Middle. Welcome to a place where meaningful discussion can take place, and where you will find support and knowledge for your non-extreme, sensible views. Welcome to a place of hope and progress. Welcome to a place where your voice matters and will be considered rather than attacked. Welcome to a place where you can learn from people who have a lot to say, but have had no platform. Welcome to your platform.

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