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Video by Avery Forsythe: “I made this video over the past school year while volunteering at Orsch (a small beautiful private school in Gunnison) and I have finally finished it! I wanted to capture the fun, the learning, and the love that Orsch brings to children everyday. The teachers pour their hearts and souls into these kids. There are so many children who would not be who they are today without this school, I know I wouldn’t. So thank you to everyone who has made this beautiful place a reality and stay strong. I hope you enjoy it:)” – Avery Forsythe

It was lovely to have a conversation about kids with Alan Wartes! Thank you Alan and Issa! Personally, I like the audio version best… 

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Huffington Post Article: A Truly Inspiring School in Colorado


This video was created by Emily Edwards in April, 2012. It highlights some of the best parts of Orsch. Thank you Emily! We will always treasure this wonderful production.

2016 Pegasus Award for Courage in Education Collaborative For Perpetual Innovation

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