I was born in 1971 to the most amazing momma. I was raised in a time of relative peace in this country; my mom was not. She knew. She knew the perils of failed leadership and she knew the perils of war. She knew, first hand, of failed rights for humans with skin darker than... Continue Reading →

Stressed Kids

Two news articles got me thinking about kids again recently. I’ve been out of the loop of educational discussion lately, so it was good to jump back into thinking about kids’ world views. I went to The Badass Teachers and The Badass Parents Facebook groups to brush up on how they're all feeling as well.... Continue Reading →

The Passionate Middle

I recently started a Facebook group named The Passionate Middle. It’s an exciting new endeavor for me. Check it out and join in if you like! 🙂 The Passionate Middle A place for meaningful discussion. A place where all political affiliations are welcome, but ranting, attacking, insulting, pedaling conspiracy theories, and siting questionable sources are... Continue Reading →

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