To Require Proficiency is Counter-productive

In an attempt to standardize, leave no child behind, and reach rigid benchmarks, traditional public education introduces detrimental elements into a child’s school life. Because schools and districts are under immense pressure to show that their students are proficient, the typical American classroom requires proficiency from each child at a specific date in his development.... Continue Reading →

Horses and Carts

For decades we have been trying to push a cart with the nose of a horse.   The Horse The horse is strength, freedom, individuality, and desire to run unfettered—to take an idea and explore it to its logical end, to self-direct, to be free to empower your own discovery, and, as such, your own... Continue Reading →

A Child’s Natural Habitat

A Child’s Natural Habitat As our school developed, I came to realize that the happiness and success we observed in students was because they attended school in a place that truly was a child’s natural habitat. A child’s natural habitat includes many important factors. Humans are dynamic, diverse beings, and the ultimate learning environment for... Continue Reading →


Unfortunately the US educational system encompasses an environment based on sameness. In an educational setting, sameness leads to confusion, doubt, lack of confidence, underachievement, lack of engagement, lack of passion, diminished potential, and in many cases bullying. Sameness begins with age-based grouping and is further sculpted by age-based benchmarks and standards. Students of the same... Continue Reading →

Serrated Edge

Now can be as delicate as a soft loaf of fresh-baked sourdough straight out of the oven. To cut through the surface requires a fitting tool because progress is messy, and the cut is vulnerable and delicate. The cutting edge is not a tidy or pretty place. The cutting edge is a place where norms... Continue Reading →

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