A Very Small Summary…

This summer will mark four years since Orsch’s closing. Once upon a time there was a wonderful little school named Orsch. This little school made countless wonderful discoveries about children and what they truly need in their educational world, what makes them feel whole and happy, what leads to a love of learning, and what... Continue Reading →


Written April 25, 2018 This evening I found myself on a thoughtful, solo walk in the park. Gratefully my life offers this now. I have been contemplative lately. I decided to call Emma to ask for an ear. Wasn’t even sure what I would say. I just needed to tell her my heart at the... Continue Reading →

Memory Journey

Written March 31, 2018 Yesterday I stumbled into a memory journey. Picture after picture of smiling faces and color. Vivid examples of true happiness. Freedom. Love. Laughter. Learning. I fell into telling stories, ignoring work to be done in my new career. Sharing experiences with a new colleague. We started on Google Maps, looking for... Continue Reading →

It’s Wednesday

Written March 2, 2018 It’s Wednesday. The Times is sent to my phone. Now, almost three years later, almost I feel nothing. Every Wednesday since the first Wednesday it has arrived with a message. The first Wednesday was not the worst. All Wednesdays brought terrible news, but the worst was months later. The worst Wednesday... Continue Reading →

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