A Very Small Summary…

This summer will mark four years since Orsch’s closing.

Once upon a time there was a wonderful little school named Orsch. This little school made countless wonderful discoveries about children and what they truly need in their educational world, what makes them feel whole and happy, what leads to a love of learning, and what helps give them skills and tools for life.

Orsch’s end was tragic for its families, its students, its teachers, an entire community, and me.

Now, several years later, the truths we learned remain. I am finally feeling healed enough to tell its story, and feel determined to keep its lessons and its findings alive. They are too valuable to not put into the world.

The plan was to share our ideas with others. The plan was to inspire change. The plan was to shout to the rooftops about a learning environment I characterize as A Child’s Natural Habitat.

This category of posts includes the story told from various places in my heart. Go here to learn of Orsch’s philosophy. Go here to learn about Orsch. Go here to visit memory lane via Facebook. Go here for A Brief History – The Whole Story, including its end.

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