Serrated Edge

Now can be as delicate as a soft loaf of fresh-baked sourdough straight out of the oven. To cut through the surface requires a fitting tool because progress is messy, and the cut is vulnerable and delicate.

The cutting edge is not a tidy or pretty place.

The cutting edge is a place where norms are challenged, lives are often damaged, ideals are questioned, and experimental ideas fail. The cutting edge is a place of much controversy. It is a serrated edge, not a clean sharp tidy edge. The serrated edge places its angles and multi-faceted blades in places that must break through the tough crust and soft underbelly alike. It does not slice cleanly; instead, it slices effectively and importantly. It gets the job done. The serrated edge is a place the faint of heart do not venture. I love it there.

The serrated edge of progress is a place that excites my belly. It begs me to take part and I fall quite quickly into its invitation. I don’t fall quickly because I need the rush, nor do I fall quickly because I desire to be part of a messy process necessarily. Further, truth be told, I don’t fall. I leap. I jump. I do a little happy skip on my way to the springboard. I’m all in. I throw myself into the edge of serrated at almost every chance. I have observed this about myself. At first this was more of a tendency. Now I know that it is a decision.

The bottom line of my tendency and my more mature approach to the same outcome is based on something I deeply believe in. That belief is that progress is inevitable. I enjoy inventing and contemplating ways to harness that truth. Progress is inevitable.

I’m all in. It does not scare me.

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